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Jurnal Manajemen Pemasaran


This research purposes to identify consumer satisfaction, their response toward incentives program, and effect of consumer satisfaction and incentives on word-of-mouth behavior at intercity bus service executive class in Bandung. The research was carried out on 152 intercity bus service executive class consumers at five Bus Firms serving Bandung-Palembang as research samples by using Judgment Sampling Technique.
The data gathered using questionnaire also used interview and observation. Data collected is valued by using seven point scales and were analyzed with method of ‘Factor Variance Analysis.’ The result of research indicated that, on the average, servicing provided by five intercity bus service executive class firms, especially served Bandung-Palembang were satisfy the consumers. Same as, incentives program obtained positive responses from the consumers. There were significant main effect for satisfaction on likelihood to generate WOM (L-WOM, Fh = 10,808), the favorability of WOM generated (F-WOM, Fh = 316,832), and the likelihood to make purchase recommendation (Recommend, Fh = 214,205). While, there were significant main effect of incentive on L-WOM (Fh = 76,049), F-WOM (Fh = 126,509), and Recommend (Fh = 101,329). Incentive main effect on WOM tested based on consumer’s response toward incentives program, strengthen conclusion that incentive alone has effect on word-of-mouth behavior. A further finding is the significant interaction effect between satisfaction and incentive on L-WOM (Fh = 6,887), F-WOM (Fh = 9,975), and the likelihood to make purchase recommendation (Fh = 11,381). Incentives were shown to be an effective catalyst to decrease negative WOM behavior of dissatisfied consumers, and to increase positive WOM behavior of satisfied consumers.

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